The cannabis industry impacts an extensive variety of ventures all through the economy. This incorporates organizations that connect with or “touch” the marijuana plant, organizations that specifically bolster cannabis cultivators and retailers, and subordinate organizations that give items and administrations to the more extensive market. Cannabis stocks recorded in the Unified States are overwhelmingly auxiliary in nature, though the Canadian open cannabis industry is to a great extent ruled by authorized cultivators known as Authorized Makers.

We’ve separated the cannabis business into ten distinctive industry areas. All organizations in the Maryjane Stock Universe are alloted to one industry part to group their essential zone of center in the cannabis business. Area portions are finished in view of an investigation of the organization’s open data including its money related articulations, showcasing reports, site, and administration’s open explanations. Organizations that are engaged with numerous parts are apportioned to the area that most speaks to their expressed tasks.

  • Biotechnology
  • Cultivation & Retail
  • Hemp Products
  • Marijuana Products
  • AgTech

  • Real Estate
  • Secondary Services
  • Consumption Devices
  • Investing & Finance
  • Tech & Media

Stocks in the Index

The MJ PurePlay Index is made up of the top 100 Marijuana stocks with a
$47.98 million minimum market cap required for allocation.
Allocation percentage is based on each company’s market cap in relation to the
$69 Billion+ Total Market Cap of the Index.

Universe: $71.673
Index: $69.973
Percentage: 97.62 %
Universe vs. Index

Stocks in the index:

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