The MJ PurePlay 100 Index

The MJ PurePlay 100 Index (MJ-100 Bloomberg, .MJ100 Reuters) is a total return index.
Its components are weighted, and rebalanced quarterly, based on the market
capitalization values of its underlying components. The issues are pulled from the
current Universe of firms (both domestic and foreign) that are involved in the cannabis
industry. The index tracks the price movements of the top 100 firms with a market cap
of at least 40 million USD. Currently the existing Universe is made up of 171 firms. The
Index is calculated and published in USD.
The MJ PurePlay 100 Index was designed to provide the capital markets with an honest
and comprehensive benchmark with which to judge the performance of marijuana
centric publicly traded equities. It was established on December 31, 2015.

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Index Performance

Index Methodology

Universe: $52.566
MJ Index: $51.290
Percentage: 97.57 %
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MJ PurePlay Index – The Benchmark for Marijuana.